Excalibur 30-3

The first “no-frills” broadcast telescopic crane

With the “EXCALIBUR” crane Tecnopoint introduce an innovative family of broadcast telescopic products.

All the old telescopic cranes are born to use heavy and big film cameras. Normally a 30’ size crane weight is around 1.200Kg (2.600 pounds) or more. The EXCALIBUR weight is around 50% less. Today the film cameras are rarely used, Tecnopoint has redesigned completely this kind of products building lightweight equipment more adequate at the new digital shooting.

These are the main advantages:

  • Lightness the EXCALIBUR family is developed exclusively for the Tecnopoint MW
    broadcast head that is one of the lightest in the world.
    It’s a modular head available with 2 or 3 axes.
    In this way there are not standards to respect with heavy accessory mount. The nose weight of the Excalibur crane is about one third of a conventional crane. The head is electronically connected with the crane to get the “Pan Compensation” feature.
  • Economy The innovation and the particular design philosophy of EXCALIBUR got an economic building system and maintenance that is unique in this products
    brand. We have got high performances without the use of expensive and delicate composite materials.
    The result is a clever and elegant piece of pure technical expression. That is absolutely what the market need today.
  • Modularity EXCALIBUR is a group of telescopic cranes destined to grow up to satisfy the always increasing market request. Tecnopoint build EXCALIBUR completely in his company. Our exclusive modular
    building manner add to the product flexibility and make the work easier. The base is a new modular truss structure able to save weight and add stability to the crane. The base is compatible with the Tecnopoint PA
    twin motorized wheels that with the new Tecnopoint track can add a new function to the system.
  • Innovation The cables management is the most evident result of the new way of our design. There are no “garlands” pending from the crane arm.
    The cable travel on a special way. They still being external for easy service or new options, but the aesthetical result is impressive.
  • Is possible to mount the crane base on a track with 8 motorized wheels. It means that with one man only is possible to do also the dolly movement.

  • Maximum total length 12.300 mm
  • Stroke 7.000 mm
  • Maximum optical height from the ground 9.000 mm
  • Base width 1.000/1.200 mm
  • Distance between the tires 800 mm
  • Max Telescopic speed (standard) 1 m/s
  • Auto stop with the possibility to setting the break smoothness.
  • Track available with straight pieces with length of 2m and 1m. No curves.
  • Excalibur can be equipped with motorized Tecnopoint PA wheels (only for track) or with pneumatic wheels.
  • Working tension 24Vcc.  It can work with batteries.
  • Weight at work (camera weight 7 Kg – 15 pounds) change with settings, range 650-680 Kg   (1.450-1.500 pounds).






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