SuperFilobus, motorized dolly without track for broadcast camera .

For a long time there was a pressing demand from television productions for a dolly that could travel along “SAFE” trajectories on the stage, without the clutter of the track.

Tecnopoint has built SuperFilobus, the safer dolly of the world because:

  • track absence  does not create points of tripping and therefore does not interfere with the emergency exits.
  • it can’t move away from the path traced, it follows a path formed by a thin metal wire or tape which determines the trajectory with absolute security. In absence of the metal tape SuperFilobus doesn’t move.
  • the data communication takes place, bidirectionally, through radio unit extremely reliable and in the case of an interruption in the communication the dolly stops.
  • with four wheels drive when the  dolly stops or is turned off the wheels are locked and SuperFilobus can’t move on sloping stage or ramps.
  • thanks to the four wheels drive always in torque the dolly stops in a very few space, the braking is very safe and efficient in both travel directions.
  • in addition of the emergency switches placed on the dolly, the operator also has the same possibilities of intervention, but with an alternative method based on the interruption of the signal.
  • for Tecnopoint the active and passive safety of our equipment is an absolute must. In fact because of the track absence, someone or something could inadvertently be on the invisible path of the trolley, even during a shoot. So it’s born M.A.R.I.O. which is an Italian acronym for: Monitoring Collision Detection Interactive for Obstacles. A system with multiple sensors in two directions that can detect an obstacle before the risk of collision and decrease the speed in advance without abrupt decelerations that would harm the film. And if the obstacle or the person takes away SuperFilobus restart, always with great fluency, with the speed set by the cameraman.

The path can be placed above or below the floor, painted and otherwise made invisible. There is no physical or electrical contact between the cart and the path. Also real “exchanges” of trajectory are possible, as in trains, so SuperFilobus can reach all the points of the scene. This allows designers and directors to  make path that can be really able to go anywhere with confidence.

With four wheels steering SuperFilobus can cover tight radius, up to 1.5 m. Thanks to the four wheel drive with electronic differential developed by Tecnopoint, dolly can easily overcome slope of the order of 30%.

SuperFilobus is an advantageous purchase. Productions needs an average of 40 meters of track, think about what they would cost if they were really binary, and how much they would be bulky.

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